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Zen Pinball love. I want a FANDOM.

I wish there were a fandom for Zen Pinball! It's not enough to have the technical forum; I want a squeeful, cares-way-too-much fandom. I want folk who want to discuss their favorite voiceover moment on The Avengers table, to rate the color scheme on Tesla, to laugh about Rick Jones coming off as a major wuss in the World War Hulk table, to argue if the "Welcome, Mr. Stark" opening voice on the Iron Man table is meant to be Pepper or a computer and to sob about how difficult it is to hit the left orbital on that damn table, and why the Stamford multiball is over so damn quickly on Civil War. I want someone to write me fanfic of the kids' backstory in Sorcerer's Lair!

Ah, well, there's always Yuletide for that last one, I suppose.

*goes back to fighting with Stamford multiball*

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