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Yuletide nominations

Sooo...these are my current Yuletide noms:

Black Jewels Books - Anne Bishop

(There's Black Jewels fic out there, but I really want some fanfiction takes on Kermilla's unresolved fate. Y' think she ever got a clue?)

Sorcerer's Lair (Video Game, part of Zen Pinball)
-Jake's sister
-The Sorcerer

(This! Oh, I want someone to write an actual story for this pinball table.)

General Winston's Daughter - Sharon Shinn
-Lady Averie Winston
-Ket Du'kai

(Just finished another reread of this book. A lot of room for sidestories and continuation on this one, I think.)

Eleanor Rigby (Song)
-Eleanor Rigby
-Father Mackenzie

(I dunno, I've just always had an urge for a creative take on this song's backstory, and it doesn't look like I'm going to end up writing it myself, so.)

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