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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, pilot reactions

Boy, expectations couldn't have been higher for this one, could they have? I tried to keep mine down; from the time I saw what they were doing with the cast and said, "...okay, so, it's the American Torchwood," I knew not to expect anything too original, but hoped for the kind of quality wit and execution Whedon usually brings. And that didn't disappoint, yay!

I love the two male leads. Coulson, of course, but I also love Ward and I didn't expect I would like him so much, but he's definitely my entry viewpoint for the show. Authority-abiding, straight-up deadpan snarker, I-want-to-work-alone guy, oh, yeah, Ward for me. I guess there are factions who are supposed to identify with Skye? Nah, that's not me, I'm nothing like the sass and anarchy. I'm not sure I even like her--whenever she was on I wanted to see someone else instead. Well, I remember playing the "who do you identify with?" game with Firefly and being startled by others' responses, so, apparently the writers know how to diversify for the viewers. I look forward to seeing more of May, Fitz, and Simmons, and getting to know them better.

Random stuff:
-"Coulson can never know": My hope for that--not my theory--is that it doesn't go the LMD route, because that's both predictable and disappointing (we want Coulson the guy we knew--I trust the writers know how that matters on a gut level), and that Tahiti was actually Asgard, and Coulson can't know what a high price Fury paid for their involvement.

-All the small references to the Avengers and Marvel canon, beyond even the spoken lines, like the street bus that you can see has just enough of the Stark Industries logo showing to be recognizable. *fan squees*

-All the fan buzz over the hooded hero, "who will he turn out to be from Marvel canon?", and then, whoa, check it out, struggling heart-of-gold out-of-work black father turns out to be the reluctant villain of the episode, omigod, that was gutsy and beautiful. His redemption was predicted by those very qualities, but that was still nicely done.

-Twisty interrogation scene! Yeah, those are becoming a Whedon hallmark, aren't they. I'm going to be saying, "Gramsy?" all week.

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