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Continuing fall tv: The Blacklist

Okay, I was eager for Agents of SHIELD and enjoyed it very much. Don't love it any less now.

But I was completely blown away by the pilot of The Blacklist. WOW. The twistiness and the "go to hell if you can't keep up" pacing, and James Spader, holy heck. There was a moment when I said, oh my god, that's so vicious, I can't keep watching this if they're going to...and I hung on frantically fast-forwarding through commercials and then saw the next twist they played on that and, whoa, just, wow.

Of course people are drawing The Silence of the Lambs parallels. The structure invites it. There are many resemblances. You know what one of them is? They're both really, really good. Yow.

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