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Lord Bereshti's Concubines as an eBook! My book, my book!

I've been saving this announcement for a long time because it was in Real Soon Now No Really mode for so long, but, here it is!

Lord Bereshti's Concubines is available as a freshly edited, complete-with-bonus-short-story ebook--and will soon be a print book as well, I'll make an announcement when that happens. I worked on fleshing it out this past year, passing it through several editors, and I wrote the short story and glossary that appear in the book. So it's a bit different from the version that appeared in serialized form!

SLPG purchase link Amazon purchase link

(Lookit my cover! Isn't it gorgeous, aren't I lucky??)

Note the author name--Aimy Schreiber is the name under which I'm publishing my original stories. Yes, my fanfiction alias has a obvious visible link (as well as a translation one). And I even have a Facebook account at last, oh, the terror.

For those of you who never saw the chapter updates when it was published as a WIP by SL Publishing Group, here's a summary:
The favorite concubine of a wealthy lord, Silvian finds the bliss of his household is threatened when a new concubine is purchased--beautiful but miserable, and shamed by his new status in life. Silvian plans to cure the new purchase of his distress, with unexpected results.

Lord Bereshti's Concubines by Aimy Schreiber is available from SL Publishing Group for $6.99 U.S. as either ePub or PRC format ebook, or you can purchase the Kindle edition from Amazon for $5.99 U.S. (Print version coming soon.) A sample of the book is free, so, check it out if you like m/m erotica chock full of pretty boys and dirty stuff.

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