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Thor: The Dark World reaction post

Beginning with vague non-spoilery thoughts, look away if you don't even want those:

Overall I have pleased Thor: TDW feelings, though the conflict/plot was pretty dull; I could not have cared less about Malekith (they might as well have called him MacGuffin-kith), the Dark Elves, the convergence...all very generic in execution. Watching the characters we love reacting to stress, though, whether that's swinging a hammer at it, grieving, finding one's courage, making hard decisions...there was plenty of that, so I still had fun. The number one thing about this film for me? This is the film that's turned me into an unabashed Loki fan. He was the best thing about this film and that best thing was awesome.

In pieces:

-Nearly wet myself at the Chris Evans cameo. Watching Chris Evans channeling Tom Hiddleston channeling Chris Evans--effing hilarious. I was yelling, "MORE MORE DO ALL OF THEM!"
-Liked Jane's competence, her lack of terror in bloody and awful situations, her stoicism in the face of her own likely doom.
-I loved having the second stinger. I'm glad they didn't leave Jane and Thor uncertain and separated this time, it would have been annoyingly repetitive.
-On that note, there was a thing I feared happening because of an early hint: I suspected that the "sometimes things come back, sometimes they don't" wormhole was going to end with one character falling through and not coming back, leaving some major character's fate hanging at the end of the film. Very VERY glad they didn't go that route.
-Sad about Frigga, frustrated that it felt a bit like fridging (Fridgging?), but also am aware how well it worked: of all the majors, she was the most potentially acceptable loss to future storylines and in fans' hearts; her loss affected all the characters in the way it needed to: Loki in particular, of course, but also Odin, who now has nothing to gentle him.
-Loki, Loki, Loki. MAN. Every Thor-Loki scene was dead-on in dialogue. Loved how the Gotye-hair Loki teaser turned out in context. I also loved that Thor has reached the point where he can't let himself be grief-stricken or impotent regarding his treacherous brother: he's sad, but he's got less hope for Loki's redemption and has subdued it into a plain longing, so that he can get on with the getting-on. There's a king for you.
-I was perfectly aware that Loki's "betrayal on the battlefield" moment was a ploy, but I didn't expect that Thor was in on the ploy. Nice. I also knew Loki couldn't be dead, because Frigga's death and funeral took the main spot for grieving in this film, so no larger character was gonna die.
-But I freaked (and squeed) good and proper at the reveal of Loki at the end. OMIGOD DID NOT EXPECT THAT WHERE THE FUCK IS ODIN??
-Embarrassed by what they did to Selvig but I decided to not let it affect me. Eh.
-Watching the first Thor film yesterday for the umpteenth time, I found myself saying, "Wait a minute--that's Josh Dallas!" Then, watching Thor: TDW, found myself saying, "Wait a minute--that's not Josh Dallas!" Never made the connection before, and I had no idea they were recasting Fandral for the second film.
-Funny, I'm usually ticked off by "I must refuse the throne" endings--I was brought up on too many books where that shit went down, and was always yelling, "GO BE KING YOU TWIT" at the books--but I thought it was perfect here, every word of Thor's. Explains how he'll be able to remain Earth's champion as part of the Avengers, particularly.
-I need a screencap of Thor and Jane staring out at the lake over that terrace so that I can macro it with "IF YOU START TALKING ABOUT SAND I WILL PUNCH YOU"

Also, am already writing fanfic.

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