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Spoilery thoughts on Agents of SHIELD: Nothing Personal

Thoughts on Agents of SHIELD: Nothing Personal: I don't think Skye caved to Mike/Deathlok's ultimatum because she "still cares about Ward" or whatever romantic notions folk might put forward. I think Skye is still not a person who is capable of pulling a trigger if there isn't another life immediately at stake (her own, a friend, an innocent, etc.), and I do think watching another person die in front of her, even one that she knows is likely going to have to end up dead if this terrible situation is to have a winning resolution (and who here thinks she might have to be the one to pull that trigger in the end?), is still way outside of her comfort level (for all that this show has given us death, it has not made Skye be a witness to it directly very often), so Mike's "Are you a murderer" did have power. And beyond that, I think Skye knows that if Mike is capable of killing Ward right there, then there is nothing to protect her from whatever coldblooded thing Mike will do as follow-up to get her to talk. Which she knows she will cave to, so holding out past Ward's death only means Ward is dead. Dead in front of her, and she will on top of that lose Ward's protection in this situation. That's enough to remind her she'd rather not witness his death.

Siiiigh. It's still so icky, in a "ooh, yes this makes all kind of sense" way, to watch my viewpoint character being a slime now that his secret's out. It makes me wanna take a bath after every episode, that's how much I still identify with the guy. I can't wait for next week and his promised backstory.

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