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Agents of SHIELD season finale

Agents of SHIELD season finale reaction post:

There was relatively little carnage among the cast and I'm so relieved.

-WARD IS IN CUSTODY AND GETS TO THINK ABOUT WHO HE IS WITHOUT GARRETT. YAYYY. I really didn't want Ward to die; this is exactly the ending I wanted for him this season--no death, no freakin' quick redemption, no "saved by love" nonsense. Him neutralized, and now he gets to examine his choices. (Yeah, I would still have liked the "triple agent" thing for him, but that ship sailed within one episode after his reveal. I still don't get the lingering shot on Ward's face in that tag on "Turn, Turn, Turn"--did they think we hadn't made the connection or something? It just reads as deceptive and misleading for me now. Either that or overkill.)

-Reyna is alive, yay! She's the most interesting villainous character to me. (She makes me want to covert cosplay her.)

-They did a bad thing to Fitz but he's alive and I can accept that there had to be some core casualties, and that was sweetly written. Because TV likes to give characters physical deficiencies rather than mental ones, I have this idea of Fitz assuming his usual role next season but with a limp and "badass" cane, but perhaps they won't go with that trope.

-I'm good with Garrett being gone; I didn't hate him or hate the potential for where his character could go, but he was the big bad for this season and the next season ought to go different places. Speaking of which, I am still reeling with joy that we get to talk about NEXT SEASON.

-I'm glad the last episode wasn't all about Skye; not that I don't like her (I really have come to like her a lot; she's earned it this season) but she's had her big moments the last few episodes and this finale was more about the heavy firepower to bring a resolution and key moments for other characters (DIRECTOR COULSON). And she was still an awesome player in this episode.

-I'm pretty sure everyone now has the mental image of May, Ward, and May's strap-on. And I'm pretty not sure if everyone is happy about that.

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