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O Princess, my Princess

At first I just wanted to type "GodfuckingDAMMIT 2016!" because I didn't think I could bear to compose anything else. But Carrie Fisher deserves better. Of course she was important to me because of Leia, how could I pretend otherwise? Carrie Fisher was stunningly funny and clever, she was dedicated to her art, and she was a survivor of so many unfair demons too...all those things, but above all she was my formative childhood fictional heroine, and no one else would have given us the same Leia, who taught me that you didn't have to be passive, you didn't have to take a backseat when you had better ideas that everyone else, and you didn't have to take shit from evil people just because it would keep you from being seen as sweet--I'm still trying to learn that one, but I remember her and she helps, oh yes she does.

We will all be weeping basket cases for Star Wars Episode VIII. It's fitting.

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