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The Little Line Who Wanted A Home, by Amanuensis, age 4-and-a-half

So this weekend, I was cleaning out the den, which has become the default storage space in the house, and in filing some papers, I came across a sheet with one line written across the top:

"Leave him alone! I'm the one you want."

I knew right away, just from the pleasurably arousing vibes it gave me, what it was: a previous attempt to inspire myself into writing something smutty. But this had to have been from at least a few years ago. And I obviously hadn't been inspired enough.

So I thought, "I'll write an lj post about this anecdote, and we'll see if it does spark anything after all." And I put the sheet of paper next to the computer, to remind me.

So, last night, I came in at the very end of the drabbling with the KR crowd, just in time to join the last challenge. Afterward, someone said, "Hey, let's do a round robin session--one person supplies a sentence, and then the next person gives one to follow, and so on." Turns out we go in order of the nicknames list. Guess whose name begins with A? Guess who was told to go first? Guess who looked at the sheet of paper with one line on it, at her elbow, and said, "You won't believe this, but..."

So, hooray, little line. You found a purpose at last.

Oh, and here's the one drabble I got to do last night:

Draco/Remus: They don't make them like they used to. G, unless you think all slash is PG-worthy. 120 words.


"Where did you get this?"

Remus doesn't meet his eyes. "It's been a wet summer. Had to buy the henbane this time; the plot out back was depleted. Don't worry, I only went into Knockturn, and I was disguised. And careful."

Draco doesn't speak. Examines the galleon. Then: "Feels lighter than I remember."

"I heard they aren't all gold anymore. Some kind of alloy."

Draco's lip curls in that haughty aristocratic way: the one that betrays him, and the obscure near-poverty that they are forced to live in. "It really is falling down about them. Looks like we got out just in time."

Remus keeps telling himself that.

And when he looks at Draco, he can make himself believe it.


And in meme-ish news, here is what I have discovered on about What kind of Mary Sue am I?

Mary Sues masquerading under my first name are, in the Potterverse:

-the daughter of Harry Potter
-dating Sirius Black
-dating Draco Malfoy
-completely clueless as to why people are are speaking to her in French (and so am I, frankly)
-a Muggleborn flautist
-Tom Riddle's long dead love
-best friends with Lily Evans
-Harry's bloody fairy godmother or something, come to the Dursleys to reveal all because Dumbledore is, like, a total putz for not telling Harry earlier
-bugging the shit out of Snape and should have been hexed to hell and back for it, but oh, you just KNOW they'll end up kissing, of course

Who knew I was so popular? ^_^
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