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#knockturn drabble night results...

The theme for the night was Out-Of-Character. At least one person in the pairing had to be OOC.

1. Challenge by maeglinyedi. Ron/Draco. Summary: The things you can do with a candy cane.

The words from behind the bedroom door puzzled Ron.

"Never amount to anything, Draco. Malfoys don't take red-headed blood traitors for lovers, Draco. Cast you out without a cent, I will, Draco. Well, Daddy dearest, that was JUST BLOODY FINE WITH ME!"

Ron opened the door. Draco, wild-eyed, had his now just-slightly-longer-than-shoulderlength hair tied back in a black bow, and was standing before the mirror. He spun about, startled, to face Ron.

"Oh--didn't know you were home." He tried, unsuccessfully, to conceal the object in his hand.

"That's a candy cane."

Draco blushed.

"And you've magicked a snake's head on it."

Draco blushed harder.

2. Challenge by gmth. Neville/Sirius. Summary: Fetch, boy!

"But...but how did you manage?" said Harry, whose curiosity could no longer be contained, despite his undiminished joy at having his godfather back.

"Well," said Neville, "it was something Dumbledore said about the veil thinning in times of greatest need, or greatest desire."

"B-but if even me laid out on a sacrificial altar by Voldemort couldn't do it... Good God, Neville, what on earth did you DO while the others were coming to save me in the next room?"

Neville muttered something that he clearly hoped would be indistinct.

It wasn't. "Pasties, a spangled g-string, and a dog yummy inserted in your WHAT?" shrieked Harry.

Sirius continued to nibble Neville's ear. "Groooowwwwlllll," he said happily.

3. Challenge by maeglinyedi and gmth. Harry/Hagrid. Summary: Caring for the most magical creature of all. (A/N: I think the OOC-ness in this one is only covered by the hope that chanslash ISN'T this character's usual modus operandi! ^_^)

Harry feels those fingers circle his nipples, though the fingers are so large they cover most of his chest and can't really be said to be circling anything as delicately-sized as a male human nipple. The touch soothes and arouses at the same time. Soon, those large (not too large, never too large) fingers will open Harry's trousers, and reach inside, and do something else that will both arouse and soothe.

It feels good, after more than ten years of being starved for human touch--except for blows and cuffs--to be touched in such a profoundly *big* way. Even though the touch is half-human, it seems to make up for so much, somehow.

Hagrid's so good with damaged creatures.
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