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Drabble Night! With smut this time!

KR Drabble night. Hey, I did a bunch, and they're ALL kinky this time! Yay!

The theme was threesomes. Challenger gave two-thirds of the threesome, and we were free to pick the third person.

snaples Severus/Remus/? Summary: Nip it in the bud.

"Merlin, Christ, and Buddha, Albus, don't you ever KNOCK?"

Dumbledore maintained a dignified posture even as Harry yelped and tried, unsuccesfully, to pull the duvet over his face (and not, Dumbledore noted, his nudity), while Remus, bless him, did not actually pull away from his task but merely widened his eyes above his mouthful of Severus's cock and froze. Severus's blush was deep, but his scowl was deeper.

"I fear this couldn't wait."

"Tell it and GET OUT."

"I really think--"

"NOW, Albus!"

There was no help for it. "Very well," Dumbledore sighed, resigned. "Remus, I'm afraid I must tell you that one-night affair with Lily nine months before Harry's birth was more productive than you thought. And Severus...Remus was put up for adoption as a baby. By your mother."

He shut the door behind him, allowing the three men to have their collective shriek of "EW!!!" in private.

maeglinyediVoldemort/Harry/? Summary: I've heard you sing that tune before.

"Come here, pet."

My lord extends a hand, and our slave crosses to the bed. Kisses Voldemort's hand, lays his cheek against it wordlessly, begging for the caress, which Voldemort generously gives, before the boy crawls onto the bed between us.

"Our little pet is affectionate tonight, Lucius."

The boy is facing me. I push the hair back from his face--lovely how my Lord has allowed it to be kept long--and wipe away a tear that is trickling down his temple.

"I think you should kiss him, Lucius."

My thumb caresses the boy's lower lip, and I follow with my mouth. His relaxation is only momentary. I can feel Voldemort pressing closer, behind him, pressing him against me even as Voldemort begins his invasion.

Harry's cries enter my mouth as he's penetrated.

It is the sweetest of songs.

gmth. Harry/Sirius/? A long, long night of waiting.

"Happy--mff--Christmas, Moony."

"Happy Christmas, Harry. *slurp* Official now, is it?"

"Yes, that was the clock chiming."


"Hush, Padfoot, we're getting to it. 'S midnight, and you can have your present now."

"We should have thought of this ages ago. He looks gorgeous like this. Sweaty..."

"Trussed up..."

"Harder than tungsten..."


"Gagged. Did I mention gagged?"

"Yes, I think that was the nicest touch."

"Which one of us does the honors?"

"Both, I think. You get the meat, I get the two veg."

"Certainly. Mff..."

"Let's see, not too small a space....mfff..."


"...mmp--okay, Harry, pull off, I'm sure he's--"


"Whoa! I've never seen it shoot THAT far before!"

"Should have hung his mother's picture there. That'd've given him incentive before this, even."

"Happy Christmas, Padfoot. Here, let me get that gag out of your..."

" bloody fucking MANIACS!"

"Told you he loves us."

pastles. Ron/Peter/? Don't judge a book by its cover.

"You want it, don't you?"

His eight-year old brother whimpers, tears almost having reached his chin.

"Say you want it."

"I..." A hiccup. Mucus runs down Ron's chin. Percy knows he should think that's disgusting, but he doesn't.

It adds to the whole thing.

"Do it, and you'll have a pet to take with you to Hogwarts in three years. I'll see to it."

"Can--" Ron swipes at his face. "An owl?"

Percy thinks. Smiles.

"I'll ask Mum for an owl."

Ron mumbles the prerequisite words for their little ritual, and takes Percy into his mouth.

"Good boy." Percy tousles his brother's hair. Feels Scabbers on his shoulder, nuzzling his cheek with whiskers and a cold nose.

Percy lifts Scabbers and sets him carefully on Ron's shoulder instead. The rat and Ron might as well get more acquainted.

Percy never said which one of them would get the owl.

gaaak. Bill/Harry/? Power isn't everything.


"Hold still. I'm almost done."

"Charlie, I'm really not so sure about this...!"

"You told me you weren't claustrophobic, Harry."

"I know, it's jusmmmppphhhh--"

The door swung open.

"Hello, Bill. Got a little something for you."

Bill's eyes widened at the sight.

Harry's eyes stared back at him, panicked more than just a little, the only part of his body left visible by the bandaging.

Charlie grinned. "You don't think I knew you had a thing for this?"

Bill took a step toward the helplessly mummified Harry. He realized he was drooling.

"We wanted to surprise you."

Bill's own smile had a touch of menace as he turned to his brother; Charlie might have been just a bit too overenthusiastic with their younger lover. "Well, my fantasy won't be complete, Charlie-boy, unless YOU wear the Egyptian Dancing Girl costume."

Suddenly the looks on Harry's and Charlie's faces swapped themselves.

maeglinyedi. Lucius/Draco/? Blood ties.

Harry holds Draco's shoulders on his knees, the white-blond head in his lap.

He could have said no.

He could have refused to be there for this. But Draco wanted it, and Harry could not deny him.

He braces Draco, strokes his face gently, as Draco's father breaches him with equal tenderness.

The Malfoy heir getting a Malfoy heir on the Malfoy heir.

Draco had told Harry, at the beginning, there would be some family traditions with which he would not break.

Harry wonders if he would have changed his mind at the beginning, had he known about this one.

maeglinyedi Harry/Dudley/? Summary: Broken promises.

"Let me up. Oh, god, Dudley, you, you don't know what you're doing..."

A bite, right at the most painful part of Harry's thigh. "Believe me, I do."

"Turn him over," pants Draco, not even taking the time to get his trousers completely off. Harry feels panic closing his throat.

"Let me fix the ties on his wrists, then."

"Dudley," Harry chokes out, "he'll kill you. What did they promise you? They'll kill you, they--"

Dudley, at Harry's bound wrists, is not loosening the ties at all. In fact, Harry suddenly finds something pushed into one of his hands.

His eyes lock on Dudley's. "Go on," his cousin mouths, and steps out of the way.

Draco, unseeing, grabs Harry's prick. It is Harry's breaking moment.

"Avada Kedavra!"

As Draco's corpse smokes in the green afterflash, Dudley says, "Cool. You always promised you'd show me REAL magic one day, Potter."
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