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KR Drabble Night, Dec 13, 2003

AU Night! Oh, that was fun. Wish I could have stayed for more but had to go nurse the creeping crud that's got me.

Snape/Remus: Snape got infected during that nasty prank Black played on him. (challenge by maeglinyedi)

"A pity sugar cancels the effectiveness," says Remus.

Snape says nothing.

Remus catches his arm. When Snape looks back, Remus is stretched out in his chair in a most come-hither manner.

"Why not touch your lips to the goblet rim, Severus?" he leers. "That would be all the sweetness I need."

Snape does not change expression. "Bitterness is an acquired taste, Lupin. I suggest you begin to acquire it."

"Oh, I've already done that as well." Remus stands, still not letting go of Snape's arm. "Some bitter things please me very much." His other hand touches Snape's chin. "Kiss me on the mouth, then, bitter creature."

And Snape does not, but he does stand still for the kiss that Remus takes.

It is hard remembering that Remus is his alpha only for a short duration of each month.

Even in human form, hard to remember.

Harry/Voldemort: Voldemort did get his hands on the philosopher´s stone. (challenge by maeglinyedi)

"Quirrell, do let the boy catch his breath."

"As you wish, my lord."

"And the amount of blood he's losing simply will not do. What in Merlin's name did you barb the tip of that whip with?"

"There are glass shards all along its length, my lord."

"Honestly, your eagerness for creativity does not serve you well. He's a perfect mess from neck to heels. He'll have to be cleaned up before I can enjoy him."

"I had thought that it might serve a dual purpose..."

"Quirrell, Quirrell. How many times have I told you that blood simply is not an acceptable lubricant? It's sticky and it dries far too quickly."

"Yes, my lord. Apologies."

Harry/Lucius: Harry didn´t escape from the cemetery at the ending of GoF. (challenge by maeglinyedi)

"My lord, this is unseemly. Your first act upon returning to corporeal form is to duel a mere boy? It will not serve your reputation."

Voldemort looks at Lucius for a long moment, while all else hold their breath. Then:

"You are not one to dissemble, Lucius. Not even to curry favor... nor to avoid reprimand. I appreciate that, old friend. Have you a better plan?"

"I think so, my lord." Lucius allows himself only the tiniest of smiles. "Let it be known that the boy was given to the threefold Ritual of Mantis, Spider, and Serpent."

"Ah, yes. Debauchery, exsanguination, and cannibalism. I assume I can ask you to take care of the debauchery, Lucius?"

"With pleasure, my lord."

And Harry begins to beg like the child he is.
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