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KR Drabble Night, Jan 3, 2004

The theme was First Times. One of 'em turned out to be 200 words, oh well. And I have to use alcohol to make Neville shaggable, and there's a deliberate grammatical error in one because that's how that character would speak, and I seem to have a chocolate jag on, and...well, here they are.

Sirius, Neville. The lot of the ignored. (challenge by nimori)


Neville shook his head. "It makes me hiccup."

Sirius took back the proffered bottle of whiskey. "Silliest excuse I've heard." He swigged.

"Well..." Neville wasn't sure where this urge for honesty was coming from. "It sounds better than, 'I get stupid and try to kiss whoever's next to me, gender unimportant.'"

"Ah. Well, given that I'm the only other person here, you would have to take that into account, yes."

Only other person here. Harry's ultimatum before joining the Order had been twofold: that they would not risk Sirius a second time, and to keep Neville back as an ace in the hole in case Harry failed.

Just he and Sirius, stuck in 12 Grimmauld Place, while the others went to determine the fate of the world.

"On second thought, give me that bottle."

Snape, Lucius, alliances aren't always about allies (challenge by snaples)

Severus's prick had already gone soft, but Lucius toyed with it as if it had been a quill he was twirling in his fingers. He wondered what his little fucktoy might look like pierced.

"Can I come with you tonight?"

Lucius stopped. Then he made himself resume what he was doing, so that there might be no hint that the question had caught him unprepared.

"Now why on earth would you want to do that? Voldemort's meetings are dreadfully boring."

"I want to go." Severus sat up in the bed, which dislodged his penis from Lucius's caresses. How important this must be to him, if he could forego that. "I'm not too young for it."

Lucius could not keep his gaze from moving to Severus's unmarked forearm. Could not keep his imagination free of the vision of it decorated by a black skull-and-snake tattoo.

But he was able to keep from shuddering visibly.

"All right. If you like."

Severus didn't smile--he never smiled--but there was something peaceful about his expression as he leaned across the bed and kissed Lucius. "Thank you."

No. There never had been any question of him protecting the boy, had there been?

Well. Pity.

Harry, Voldemort, never take candy from strangers (challenge by ringspells)

When Voldemort unchains the boy, he finds the boy's weight has caused the wristchains to sink into his flesh, and he is need of his wand to get them out cleanly. It wouldn't do to have an artery cut, not yet.

They have so many delights ahead of them, still.

The action also makes the boy's hand uncurl just enough so that Voldemort can see the melted residue of the portkey-transformed chocolate on his palm. Yes, that had been clever of him, hadn't it.

The boy lies unmoving where he has fallen. Voldemort kicks him in the ribs.

"Do not feign unconsciousness, boy. Or are you perhaps inviting another rape, so that I may watch you writhe again?"

Still nothing.

Well, an empty threat is no threat at all. Voldemort unseals his robes once more.

Lupin/Snape: what really happened? (challenge by snapetoy)

"Not to worry, " said Remus, snuggling closer. "A werewolf can always tell his mate by smell. You'll never be in any danger during my transformations."

Severus had no words. Twelve orgasms in a row had done quite the number on his speech centers. "Ulgf."

A kiss on the side of his face. "And of course, our children will have the same instincts. This is such a lovely turn of events; I must remember to thank Sirius."

Severus tried to say, "CHILDREN?" but it came out, "Blfglr?"

"I wonder how many there will be in the first litter?" Remus prodded his side. "How wide are your hips, anyway?"

Severus fainted.

Snape, Harry, a drowsy night in the Serpent's den. (challenge by snaples)

"Will I remember this?" says the boy sleepily, beside him.

Severus thinks about how very perceptive the child is, even at this age. "No, you won't," he says, drawing the blanket up over the both of them. "But you were very, very good. I'll let you remember that. Would you like some chocolate?"

"Yes, please," says Harry, with impeccable manners. He takes it, and Severus can see the thoughts behind those eyes, even without legilimancy: how nice this has been, how good it felt, how they never give him chocolate at home...

Candy melting in his mouth, the boy drifts off to sleep as Severus watches. He cannot resist kissing the top of the boy's head. "Now neither of them can play the virgin sacrifice card on you, child. Neither my master nor that benign-appearing pretender."

His wand and a portkey lie near, on the bedside table. But they can wait.
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