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KR Drabble Night, Jan 24, 2004

The theme was "Cheating."

Snape/Lucius: The Secret of Snape´s Excellent Grades. (challenge by maeglinyedi)

Lucius is not afraid to make noise when he comes. No girlish cries; certainly not, but an appreciative groan and hiss is nothing to be ashamed of.

And Severus is surprisingly good with his mouth.

He keeps his hand twisted in the younger boy's hair for a good minute after; it's for effect only, as Severus makes no attempt to pull away. Would not, certainly.

At last Lucius lets him go.

"Very nice." He is also not afraid to provide praise where it is deserved.

Severus keeps his eyes appropriately downcast, but Lucius lifts his chin with a finger, wipes a trace of come from the boy's lower lip, and says, "Your secret remains safe with me."

As Severus, still saying nothing, rises to his feet, Lucius tucks himself back into his trousers and adds, "But consider cheating, just once, like the rest of Slytherin, instead of studying? Really, Severus."

Sirius/Remus: Why ever did they suspect each other of being the traitor? (challenge by maeglinyedi)

Sirius stares at his hands, but doesn't see them. "Not...just once."

"No, " says Remus, and there's no hint of excuse in his voice. Just bald truth.

That's so like him.

"All through sixth year."

"Not--quite all through. But for a good part of it."

Sirius thinks he should get up from the bed. But he stays sitting upon its edge, because if he gets up he fears he may never return.

And he doesn't want that.

"I had no idea," he hears himself say.

"Yes, well. I--" Sirius hears the catch in his voice. "I'm sorry. I'm so scared I'll lose you. But I had to tell you."

How could he not have known?

Sirius remembers this conversation, not all that many years later, as he picks up his bawling godson from the rubble of Godric's Hollow.

And wonders about people who can keep secrets so well.

Snape/Harry, "I drank your poison, you told me it was wine." (challenge by cate)

The boy is on the floor, trying to retch. Snape knows he cannot vomit; it is the nature of this potion.

"Oh, God. Oh, God. Please..." Another dry-heave.

Snape keeps his position, arms folded. "And the lesson for tonight, Potter, is not to drink what is so casually offered you. Even by a friend."

"You...You're not--"

"Not a friend? No, certainly. All the more reason you do. Not. Drink."

He pulls Potter to his feet by his collar. Potter collapses against him. "What..."

"...was in the goblet? Oh, a moderate dosing of Elixir of Nine Excruciating Lusts. I do want you to remember this lesson, Potter."

He crushes the boy's lips with his own. Potter whimpers, and hangs on.
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