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LJ Drabble Night, Feb 13 (well, 14 for me!), 2004

The theme was AU's. I got there late but had isiscolo send me three challenges after, and parceled them out one by one today, writing each in (close to!) fifteen minutes. So, it obeyed the spirit of the thing!

Snape/Lupin. Snape was bitten in the Shrieking Shack incident. (challenge by isiscolo)

It's the kick to his ribs that brings him 'round. "Get up."

Snape doesn't move. His arm burns like fire. He knows if he looks down at it it will be three times its normal size, and red and pulsing and certainly have to be taken off at the shoulder before the corruption spreads.

"Get up!" He's shaken by brutal hands. "Sweet fucking Christ, get up!"

And then the hands leave him, and the voice dissolves into sobs. Great, horrible sobs that finally cause Snape to move.

Lupin crouches near him, his arms covering his head as he weeps. "...kill you and hide the body," he gasps. "I want to, oh, Christ, how I want to."

Snape does see his own arm at last: not swollen, not diseased. The bite is already healing.

"I'm not going to tell," says Snape.

Lupin looks at him.

"Teach me how a werewolf survives."

Sirius/Remus, Sirius was the traitor and not Peter. (challenge by goseaward)

"Hello, Moony."

Remus freezes.

He should be reaching into his robes for his wand, preparing to spin about, to face and to disable the traitor.

That's right, Remus thinks, call him traitor. Call him escapee, fugitive. But do not think of him as anything else.

And yet, the words on his lips as he turns, slowly--wand still inside the breastpocket of his robes--are, "Hello, Padfoot."

The worst sight he has ever seen is Sirius's wild eyes.

They smile as Sirius's mouth smiles. "Wanted one thing. One thing only for the last twelve years. You wouldn't come. So I had to come to you." He steps closer. "All I could think about, when I read about your appointment: you would be at Hogwarts. And I could find you here." Another step. "Want my goodbye kiss from you. Not a Dementor."

"Mine...won't kill."

"Oh, Moony," Sirius breathes. "Yes, it will."

Snape/Harry, Harry was sorted into Slytherin.(challenge by cluegirl)

Snape's applause is genuine. Well, well.

As the skinny First-Year in glasses makes his way to the Slytherin table, looking at the space which Draco Malfoy clears for him with dubious trust, as though the spot might have been hexed, Snape is already years ahead in the future.

Praise for the boy's smallest achievement. Offers to tutor him privately. The precise balance of truth and lies...

"Your father and I were great friends, you know. He would be ever so proud of your accomplishments."

"...always been particularly fond of you, Potter--may I call you Harry? You'll forgive your Head of House that familiarity, won't you?"

"...must be careful...these intimacies would be frowned upon if any knew--oh, let me kiss you again..."

Snape fancies he can feel James's Potter's spinning in his grave even at this distance.

Snape smiles. He wishes he could do something nice for that Hat.
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