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Art rec request!

This is just greed. Greed greed greed because I can't draw for anything.

But you know what kind of HP fanart I really would love to see more of?

AU fanart.

By AU, I don't mean so much minor AU such as "what if Harry and Draco had been best friends?" so much as "what if the Potterverse was taking place in feudal Japan?" type of AU. The real transplant-the-story-elsewhere AU's.

I love seeing how artists come up with their visions of those. I'm thinking of Tina Ling's "Magical Mesa" picture that displays Sundance Harry and the Weasley Kid (plus The Lone Granger, Black Draco, Calamity Ginny and the like), waccawheels's goofy Nativity scene, an artist I can't remember who drew the Trio plus Lucius and Snape as if they'd been animals in The Lion King. And I just saw cluegirl's diptych of Snape and Lucius as angel and demon, which may have been a metaphor and not an AU but the effect is the same! That's what's getting me rolling on this right now.

And pictures like fyrie's "Everyone drawn in the style of The Simpsons" give me the same thrill.

Rec me as many pictures as you know of that show the characters in their Superhero guises, or the Atlantean Hogwarts, or the mirror universe version (good guys are bad and vice versa)--that sort of thing.
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