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Random thoughts for today:

I have decided that the photo of Lily and James twirling is just as easily Sirius and Remus if you squint and accept that Sirius's hair looks very girly.

If I'm crying like this over the trailer, what the hell am I going to be like for the movie? I've never had the experience of being this wrapped up in the source material for a film before--makes all my emotional investment in LOTR look like mild curiosity, it does.

Have really enjoyed all the somnophilia stories over on pervy_werewolf! My second HP story was written because I wanted to fulfill the kink of having someone lovingly shag Harry while he was unconscious. There's going to be an echo of that in the story I'm working on right now, too.

And because it will take up very little space, here's that "My journal is called _____ because _____" meme.

My journal is called Amanuensis' Journal because I am totally boring but also because I want the reader to be able to figure out where s/he is and what s/he's reading without too much trouble.

My subtitle is nonexistent because--see above. My friends page also has no name, ditto.

And my username is amanuensis1 because amanuensis was unavailable. But that journal's been deleted and purged. And when I find the bee-yotch who kept me from an easier username, there's gonna be some finger shaking, I'll tell you.
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