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Fic rec: The Expanding Man, by Undun (Use of naughty word with no cut-tag, sorry.)

And here's yet another example of how, YES, mpreg can be done and done well.

The Expanding Man, by undunoops. Snape/Lupin, set post-OotP. NC-17 (but elegantly so).


"He fucked me in a weak moment!" Severus snarled.

"And the next time?" Remus’ mouth quirked involuntarily; Severus did so like to rewrite history.

"Well," Snape muttered, studying his fingernails, "I had no further to fall, did I?"

And he calls Sirius a bastard! "You’re an opportunist," Remus said.

"Quite." Snape agreed.

Very funny. Wonderful characterizations. And, yes, mpreg.

(Terrific author AND artist. Lucky so-and-so!)
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