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Proof of my obsession (as if you had any doubts)

This is so cute. The meme which tells you the hundred most-used words in your lj generates a whole bunch of common English words for mine (how silly is it that I'm glad the word "I" is number 6, not number 1? Heck, it's my journal, after all), of course, but also shows that of the non-common ones, the most-used is


at number 22. Aww!

And after that we have

42. challenge
65. snape
77. ron
79. sirius
86. harry's (yes, that's right--"harry's" made the list too! Aww again!)
89. remus

Of course, if I re-ran it now, the count would go up by one for all of those. Must stop this recursive thinking.
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