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Drabble Night, July 24, 2004

The theme was "Dark Arts." (And nimori slew me and turned me into Zombie!Amanuensis with her Snape/Lupin vampire bite drabble. Was a miracle I could write anything at all after that. Go see her journal when she puts hers up!)

Lucius/Twins. Imperius. (challenge by nimori)

"Red-headed twin boys, Lucius, oh, they're only a little older than Draco. Do have Arthur Weasley send them to tea. You can make the man believe your goodwill for just a little while, can't you?"

For his wife's wishes, Lucius can. Lucius includes Weasley's youngest son, Draco's age, in the invitation, for otherwise it would make no sense to bring seven-year-olds to luncheon with a five-year-old.

And while Draco and Ronald Weasley play--rather, as Draco and Ronald pound each other senseless in Draco's playroom--Lucius and Narcissa have their own pleasures. Lucius has no idea which twin bears which name; he hardly needs to know. Pink freckled babysoft skin, hairless except for fine red down...they have ample opportunity to know every inch of it with fingers and tongues as the children whimper sweetly under the effects of the drugged jam sandwiches.

They finish with Imperius, but prefer the whimpering.

vampire bite - Lupin/Snape (challenge by violet_quill)

"You dress in black."

"So do ten thousand other wizards and witches. And an immeasurable number of sullen muggle teenagers."

"Your skin's pale."

"I live in a dungeon, Lupin; why should that surprise you?"

"So you're telling me that, all rumors to the contrary, you are not a vampire?"

"Why should I tell you anything? Perhaps I enjoy the air of mystery."

"Except with you it's no air. More an odor."

Snape turned on Lupin, planted his feet. "Since you insist, you rabid horror, I will tell you: no, I am no vampire. I affect black because it shows less soil, and keep out of the sun because I get red and blotchy. Is that enough for you?"

"Not quite."

Lupin lunged.

Five minutes later, wiping his mouth and supporting the half-fainting Snape, he said, "It's rude for one vampire to feed off another. Had to be sure, old chap."

Harry/Draco, occlumency (challenge by florahart)

"Let me, Father. Snape trained me in legilimency. I'll find what you want."

Harry tried to push the pain to the back of his mind and concentrate. Snape might have instructed Draco, but his education of Harry in Occlumency had been real, not sham.

He distanced himself from the pain of their tortures, the chains on his limbs and the stone at his back. Show Malfoy nothing except as he willed it. Distract him.

Disturb him.

As Malfoy probed, Harry shifted the assault towards one set of images. Harry touching the sides of Draco's face. His lips meeting Draco's in a hungry kiss. Harry on his knees in front of Draco. Draco on his in front of Harry. The two of them entwined, sucking the salt and semen from each other's body as their hands groped and fondled and stroked and plunged everywhere, the only accompaniment the sounds of their panting and their groans.

The assault fell back.

So did Malfoy, a shaking step.

"What--what the fuck was that, Potter?" he gasped. "You showing me your greatest fears? Or deepest desires?"

Harry grinned at him through a mouthful of blood. "You're the trained legilimens, Malfoy. You figure it out."
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