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FIC: In Between (Harry/Sirius/Remus, NC-17) (First of 13 "Month of Smut" fics!)

The discussion on the whole "Harry can tell Fred and George apart" thing was lots of fun--thanks to everyone who contributed! I'm still sort of hoping someone looks at Harry in one of the last 2 books and says, "What do you mean, you don't have the gift of (insert latin bastardization here)? Harry--you can tell Fred and George apart. You're the only one who can. Didn't you think that meant something?"

Anyway, I've posted the first of my pornish_pixies Fantasy Fest stories. Here's the description and the link.

Title: In Between
Pairing: Harry/Sirius/Remus
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Harry wants to be in the middle.
Kinks/Warnings: Threesome.
A/N: For the Pornish Pixies Fantasy Fest request made by maeglinyedi-- "SB/RL/HP: S/R are together, and Harry wants in and seduces them both at different times. First-time. Chan/other kinks are a bonus." I couldn't make it chan, for that would have been AU (didn't feel right) or in the context of OotP, and that would have been too sad for me, knowing the conclusion of that. But I hope you still like the result, maeglinyedi! Thanks to betas fabularasa and gwendolyngrace.

(In Between)
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