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This is ironic, following on the heels of those "people are basically good" commercials of eBay's.

Spammers are one thing, but, damn, I'm sick of out-and-out-criminals taking advantage of the vulnerable. Check this out:

NOTE: YES, this is exactly what you think it is--some shyster's attempt to get you to cough up your personal information. DO NOT ENTER ANY PERSONAL INFO ON THIS LINKED PAGE.

This is the link to which an official-looking "Please verify your account information or your eBay account will be terminated" email sends you, if you're taken in by the logo and the well-crafted html, and click it. No obvious misspellings to clue you in, either.

Doesn't this piss you off? Viagra generic ads are one thing, unsolicited porn using the words "cumsluts" another--but this is definitely the work of the lowest of the low.

You know what I think would be fun? What if we all filled in the spaces with fake information that was insulting? Like, ebay password: eatmeimnotthisstupid, username: imforwardingthistothefbi, etc. I just might do that.
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