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"51 Snupin Challenges" by demon_of_rice

Lookee, I DID start something!

10) Unrequited love: either Snape or Lupin admires the other as a student and knows it can lead to nothing...

"I love you."
"It can lead to nothing."


18) Lupin just wants to roll over on his back and whine when he hears Snape's menacing voice.

"I'm not in the mood."
"But… but… Sevvie… I thought you loved me… Don't you love me anymore? Am I not good enough for you? Do you think I need to lose weight? I'm too fat right? You think I'm fat! How can you be so cruel to me?"
"Put a sock in it and move over."

*giggles like idiot* Go check out demon_of_rice's take on the lupin_snape's F-Q-F a la my "53 Stories About Snape and Black." Go here!
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