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McTabby's Drabblethon Drabble

The rule is, the vaguer the bunny, the bigger the story it wants to hatch. Okay, maybe I just made that up now. But I was really committed to getting it down to 100 words, so, for theladyfeylene, here's my response to your drabblebunny ('That which doesn't kill us, only makes us *stranger*') for mctabby's Cat's Birthday HP Drabblethon II. Read it over there or just scroll down here.

Topic; 'That which doesn't kill us, only makes us *stranger*' (from theladyfeylene)
Word count; 100
Rating: All ages

Title: No Turban Necessary


"Hermione. Remind me why I asked you here?"

"The children's charities. I have the distributions."

There it is, the light, the smile of understanding. "Yes." His hand covers hers, squeezes. "What would I do without you."

It's only the memory, people say. War...does things to one.

Why can't she believe it's that simple?

The light in his eyes. Something other. Something not-Harry.

Protecting itself. Hiding.

Is his hand on hers tightening? Hard enough to hurt?

No. She has to stop these thoughts.

"My indispensible Hermione."

One day, she thinks, he'll slip. And call her something else that begins with m.
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