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Planning for chapter-by-chapter HBP discussion community.

All right, it appears that the community for the chapter-by-chapter discussion of HBP has some enthusiasm! Now I need to refine some planning.

It would be nice to have as much participation as people like. There's been a suggestion that we moderate the community membership--to join, people would have to read and say they accept the "Do not spoil anything beyond this point" rules.

Pros: Reduces likelihood of accidental spoilers.

Cons: Does nothing at all to prevent willful spoilers. People might forget anyway or still might not understand the rules. Will turn some off if they can't get immediate membership (even though the community will be in place well before July 16; I know how moderated membership just plain hits people's "nah, why bother" buttons).

Now, whatever is decided, every single chapter's post will have big fat "no spoilers beyond this point" warnings on it, in language which I'll try to make as plain as possible, with input from all who wish to make suggestions.

So. I don't think I'll make this a poll just yet--I'd first like to hear your thoughts. Then I might make a poll later. Or I might just make a decision. So, please, ring in, if you feel passionately.

Moderated membership, or not? Your thoughts.
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